Samuel L. Jackson Clears Up Rumours About His Breaking Bad Cameo [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Samuel L. Jackson has shared details of his near-cameo in the AMC drama series Breaking Bad.


Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson almost appeared in the drama series Breaking Bad, but not quite as rumored. Jackson, who is a big fan of the series, recently took the time to comment on an Instagram post by Did You Know Movies, which recounted the legend of Jackson’s near-cameo in the hit AMC series. Rumor has it that Jackson was planning to sneak into a scene dressed as Nick Fury, perhaps setting Breaking Bad in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As it turns out, the story is half true.

While filming The Avengers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Samuel L. Jackson discovered that Breaking Bad was being shot in the studio across the street from his own set. He tried to sneak into the background of a scene dressed as Nick Fury, but the producers caught him and tried to get him to do a cameo,” reads the original post on Did You Know Movies.


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Not true! I just wanted to go into Hermanos & buy some chicken in the background of a scene as myself but never had the time,” Jackson retorted in the comments.
It’s no secret that Jackson is a Breaking Bad fan. Back in 2013, he recorded a video of himself delivering one of Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) monologues in the series, repeating the moment when the chemist says to his wife Skyler, “I’m the one who knocks”. Interesting to see this dialogue from another big name actor like Jackson, even if it’s impossible to really imagine anyone else as Heisenberg at the moment. Check out the video below, produced by TMZ, in which Samuel L. Jackson can be seen reciting a line by Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

Source : TMZ

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