Enjoy The Bloody Battles Of Shadow Warrior 3 On PS Now From Release Day! [VIDEO]

The third instalment of the Shadow Warrior franchise continues on March 1 as the prequel to the series.



The frenetic combat of Shadow Warrior 3 has already caught the attention of many first-person shooter fans, but the team at Flying Wild Hog are clearly looking to raise expectations even higher ahead of its release. To that end, the developers have unveiled a new gameplay video that not only takes us through a bloody mission, but PlayStation users have some welcome news: the game will be coming to PS Now on launch day.

The katana will be as valid an option as any firearm

The Japanese company confirmed the decision on its blog, where it published a post dedicated exclusively to the title’s features. According to PlayStation, the creators have developed a handful of missions that combine shooting with katana attacks to perfection. After all this, the game’s lead producer Bartek Sawicki previews weapon-related mechanics such as the ability to add levels or loot from enemies sliced with a blade.

As a must-have accessory for any FPS these days, Flying Wild Hog also highlights the brutal executions on enemies and the game’s main new feature: the pickaxe. While it’s been a recurring element in some shooter games, the team feels it’s a super accessory that gives the protagonist greater agility when moving among monstrous creatures.

So far, the makers have given a preview of the campaign length (albeit in a rather comical way) and have confirmed an exciting bonus for all players who pre-order the game. The release date is March 1, so there are not many days left to dive into this surreal bloodbath.


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