Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin’s Creators Say They Don’t Aim To Make The Game Difficult

After developing games such as Nioh, Team Ninja has nuanced its vision of the difficulty of video games with Stranger of Paradise.



With Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, the subject of the difficulty of video games has been raised again, although this time it is not Miyazakira and the Souls series. This time we look at Team Ninja and their work on games like Nioh, which have attracted attention precisely because of the difficulty of the battles. For their latest title, the development team has ensured that the game’s action does not overshadow the RPG essence of the franchise. However, an interview with Play Magazine (via GamesRadar) reveals that the title will follow the studio’s usual approach to difficulty, although they don’t want to make things difficult for players.

“Our goal as Team Ninja isn’t to make games difficult” – Fumihiko Yasuda

“You may not believe me, but our goal as Team Ninja isn’t to make games difficult,” – explains studio producer Fumihiko Yasuda. “We just want players to feel a sense of achievement when they complete the game. We’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring there would be plenty of player freedom and range of strategies available to complete the game, whether that’s by making use of reflexes in a typical action-game approach, or by using the RPG elements more traditional to final fantasy games to get stronger and win.”

However, Team Ninja also makes sure the experience isn’t too half-hearted for players, which is why Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will also include difficulty modes ranging from the most extreme challenge to the most enjoyable ride. This will allow users to adapt to the game not only because of the wide variety of combat techniques but also because of the different difficulty levels.

We’ll have to wait until March 18 to try Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin in its entirety.

Source: GamesRadar

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