Blasphemous Easter Egg In Elden Ring? This Weapon Seems To Be A Reference To Metroidvania

Developer The Game Kitchen got excited and shared the discovery on social media


Elden Ring has just been released, and we’re sure fans of FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki‘s work are working hard to survive in Middle-earth. (We’re already working on the test, but since we didn’t receive a test code from the Hungarian distributor Cenega, unlike most of the Hungarian gamer press, we started our adventures with other gamers.) The game has been a critical and reception success, and many gamers have already discovered almost every corner of the game.

Amongst the many elements the game hides, there are endless hints that made us raise our eyebrows a little, with items such as the huge swords that remind us of the great manga warriors, or the helmets that seem to hide long blue and white hair underneath. Among these is a very special weapon, which was used in a very successful Spanish indie game.

It was Enrique Colinet of The Game Kitchen who took to Twitter to show off his surprise, sharing a weapon from the game that appears to pay homage to the Seville studio’s most popular creation, Blasphemous. It’s the Blasphemous Blade, which beyond its name, its design is very reminiscent of the blade carried by Penitent.

However, not everyone at the development company agrees that it is a reference. Enrique Colinet himself has admitted that he is aware that it could be a coincidence, although he has left it to the Elden Ring community to decide whether it is what it seems.

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