Steam Deck: A Software Update Fixed The Drifting

Nintendo could learn a thing or two from Valve: just a few days after the launch of the Steam Deck, the drifting of the analogue stick has been fixed!


Valve has heard from several users that the drifting bug has appeared in Steam Deck, which means that the analogue stick continues to move in one direction even after you let go of it, or if your character is moving in a different direction than it should. Gabe Newell’s team did not ignore this problem and on Twitter, Lawrence Yang, one of the designers, said that a firmware update had fixed the bug.

“Hi all, a quick note about Steam Deck thumbsticks. The team has looked into the reported issues, and it turns out it was a deadzone regression from a recent firmware update. We just shipped a fix to address the bug, so make sure you’re up to date,” he wrote. Indeed, it should be a software issue, as it’s brand new hardware: it’s not happening due to using the machine for months or years!

And on Reddit, we can now see that the complaints seem to have calmed down, so Valve has indeed fixed the bug. By the way, Yazan Aldehayyat, one of Valve’s hardware engineers, told IGN that they were prepared: “We’ve done a ton of testing on reliability, on all fronts really, and all inputs and different environmental factors and all that kind of stuff. I think we feel that this will perform well. And I think people will be super happy with it. I think that it’s going to be a great buy. I mean, every part will fail at some point, but we think people will be delighted and happy with this.”

Meanwhile, Bungie, now part of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has clarified that the Steam Deck will NOT support Destiny 2: “Destiny 2 is not supported for play on the Steam Deck or on any system utilizing Steam Play’s Proton unless Windows is installed and running. Players who attempt to launch Destiny 2 on the Steam Deck through SteamOS or Proton will be unable to enter the game and will be returned to their game library after a short time. Players who attempt to bypass Destiny 2 incompatibility will be met with a game ban.”

Isn’t that a little exaggerating?

Source: VGC, WCCFTech

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