The final Street Fighter V update will have combat changes and new visual extras

Street Fighter V’s updates are coming continuously, although Capcom has already announced the sixty installment of the franchise.



Although a sixth installment was promised by Capcom, Street Fighter V continues to receive content updates. Thhe fighting game will be one of the big names at the upcoming EVO 2022, but before that it gets what they’ve dubbed the ultimate update.

This patch will implement a number of gameplay changes and incorporate some visual extras. The most important change is the overall balance of moves for all fighters, which, should help balance the match-ups even better.

Visual implementations include a Cel Shading filter that adds a border to each fighter for a cartoon-like effect, and a Pixel filter that aims to replicate the effect of arcade screens. These can only be activated in offline mode, but the new outfit with a handful of selectable colours will be available for every player. Besides that, new music remixes are also coming to the game.

The update will be downloadable on PC and consoles from Tuesday 29th March, until then, here is a video featuring the new implementations:

Street Fighter VI doesn’t have a release window yet, it is most likely that we’ll have more information next summer. Until then we have the teaser trailers of the iconic fighting game’s new version.

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