An Image Posted by Shawn Levy Shows Deadpool And Hulk Together

Rumour said Hulk could appear in the next Deadpool film.



Shawn Levy, director of The Adam Project and Deadpool 3, seems to know what he does. So when he posted an image of Mark Ruffalo and Ryan Reynolds with a comment of “Little did I know…”, a Deadpool hashtag and images of both Hulk and Deadpool, fans became quite sure that we will see Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) appearing by Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) in the next Deadpool part.
We know Deadpool is coming to the MCU world, and his character will remain that R-rated one we loved previously and which became massively successful.

In the Netflix production The Adam project both actors worked under Levy and they seemed to get along very well.. Furthermore, Reynolds expressed that he is open to a possibility that leads him towards the MCU world. Deadpool as a marvel hero? Sounds interesting.

The possible appearance of Hulk in the Deadpool movie opens a lot a possibilities towards further crossovers. It was not the first time speculating about connecting MCU with other wolds like X-men, though Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman stated he done with his character. Perhaps fans could make him change his mind?

In MCU it would be the first time Hulk and Deadpool meet, but in the Marvel Comics they have met and battled a few times. Moreover, Deadpool has met many Marvel heroes previously, so meeting each other in a film wouldn’t be such a surprise either. Besides that, the fact that Levy took the image from The Adam project, but posted toghether with the image showing Deadpool and Hulk fighting, we could take this as a serious hint and hope for the two characters to meet in the Marvel universe.

Source: Movie Web

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