George R.R. Martin Confirms Elden Ring Fan Theory To Be Untrue!

The author of the original novels denies that some Elden Ring characters’ initials would be an easter egg hint to his name.



Since the official announcement of Elden Ring, attention has been drawn to FromSoftware’s collaboration with George R.R. Martin, known worldwide for, among other things, being the author of the novels on which Game of Thrones is based. Once on the market, Martin’s role in the game doesn’t seem to have gone much beyond world-conception, but a theory about the character names indicated that he was more involved.

This idea was prompted by the fact that the initials of four essential characters in the game’s story match George R.R. Martin’s, but Martin has been quick to deny this in a post on his personal blog. “There’s a strange story about me all over the internet about how I hid my initials in Elden Ring because some of the characters’ names start with R, G or M. To which I reply: How? Really? This is news to me,” says Martin,  adding that he has been writing stories since 1971 and has probably named characters with those letters without any intention.

“Coming up with names is difficult,” he continues. “Especially since A Song of Ice and Fire has so many, I like to give family members and close relatives names that have something in common. But why would I have to hide my name within the game? My name is in the game as one of the creators. Elden Ring is exciting enough; there’s no need to make things up”.

George R. R. Martin’s had a significant influence on Elden Ring, detailing that he helped the development team create the backstory and the plot. From’s Japanese creator Hidetaka Miyazaki later went further, saying that Martin’s lore exists from the early stages of development and provides several layers of depth to the narrative.

Source: Screen Rant

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