Kingdom Hearts 4 Announced: First Trailer Of Square Enix’s New RPG! [VIDEO]

Tetsuya Nomura had anticipated the announcement of the fourth instalment through a commemorative illustration.


Kingdom Hearts fans have been crossing their fingers all day for the magic to come true. Tetsuya Nomura had warmed up social networks with a beautiful commemorative illustration of the saga that, apparently, kept a secret to show. Finally, the fans’ suspicions have resulted in what we all expected, the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4.

The trailer for this fourth instalment of the franchise has been accompanied by several of Square Enix’s projects for the saga, such as the first images of the mobile phone games. But Nomura had the long-awaited surprise prepared for us, with a trailer where we can see our beloved characters and their new appearance.

Both the aesthetics of the city of Quadratum and the house where Sora wakes up look spectacular, with a realistic tone and a particular visual section. The action seems to follow the line of previous instalments and the trailer has one with a final surprise. Quickly, our first enemy appears, and Sora, keyblade in hand, launches to defeat him.

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