A New Teaser For Instinction Has Been Released

The studio developing Instinction, a game featuring lifelike dinosaurs, is receiving financial investment.


All is well at Instinction. The action-adventure game, set in a world populated by voracious extinct creatures including dinosaurs, shared a teaser a few days ago showing what the game looks like in Unreal Engine 5. What’s more, those responsible for the game have been given a financial boost.

“We’ve received significant investment and we’re just getting started. We are now looking to hire additional staff (developers, artists, animators, etc.) and we are not partnering with any other studios,” Hashbane announced recently on Twitter, detailing the next steps for the studio.

Among them is the slippage. With more funding behind them, the team is letting a more modest release go this summer in favour of a more ambitious release later. No details on the new release date have been shared yet, but the New Zealand team guarantees that they’ll be more active in introducing new releases from now on.

Instinction was announced in 2021 as the theoretical successor to Dino Crisis, which features survival, horror and combat scenes with primitive creatures in hyper-realistic environments. The latter is clearly shown in the teaser shared today, a jungle-like environment elaborated to the finest detail. Hashbane guarantees that all dinosaurs will be modelled and animated from scratch.

Dinosaurs are having a good time in the industry, although the announcement of the much sought-after new Dino Crisis is still to come. However, we can still play amongst dinos because last March Capcom unveiled Exo Primal, a co-operative shooter with hordes of dinosaurs.

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