Final Fantasy IX Remake’s Development Seems More And More Likely

There have been a lot of Square Enix games confirmed recently, and the official unveiling of Kingdom Hearts 4 makes it worth revisiting a previous leak we covered.


Remember the Nvidia GeForce Now leak? A hefty list of games was revealed in it, and quite a few of them were Square Enix-related. It happened in September last year, and Nvidia quickly cleaned up the trail before Ubisoft had it removed from Github. Regardless, many names on the list had not yet been announced. These include BioShock 2022 (although the next instalment is officially in the works) and Tekken 8.

But some have since been confirmed. Street Fighter 6 (regardless of how shoddy and cheap its logo looks), The Talos Principle 2, and Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, although that one had a slightly different name. But for Square Enix, everything has been confirmed so far. The Chrono Cross remaster has come, seen, and been released as Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. The Tactics Ogre remaster has been trademarked in Japan by the publisher as Tactics Ogre Reborn, and this weekend had the announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4…

Two names remain on the list: there’s a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster and a Final Fantasy IX Remake. We haven’t heard anything about these yet, but seeing the GeForce Now list, chances are something could be in the works here. True, the Japanese publisher has its hands full already. In addition to Kingdom Hearts 4, there’s online content in the works for Final Fantasy XIV (it’s an MMO). Still, there’s also Final Fantasy XVI, and let’s not forget Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 (which we can almost definitely say will NOT be coming to PlayStation 4…).

It’s not official, but the leaks around Square Enix have been spot on so far, and with the first six Final Fantasy games already having a Pixel Remaster edition, a PS1 remake of Tactics, originally unreleased (!?) in Europe, might be logical.

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