Could Fallout: New Vegas 2 Be Made? See What Chris Avellone Has To Say!

Ever since Bethesda and Obsidian came under one ownership, fans of the series have been dreaming of Fallout: New Vegas 2 development.



There could be a future for Fallout: New Vegas 2? After the announcement that Bethesda had been acquired by Microsoft, bringing the developer and Obsidian Entertainment under one ownership, fans soon began to wonder if the genius Fallout: New Vegas to have a sequel of sorts.

The excitement was so great that even the Santa Ana team’s community manager weighed in on Twitter. Now Chris Avellone himself, the self-professed developer/writing legend who was accused of sexual assault a couple of years ago and still maintains his innocence, has spoken out about the game.

When asked if he knew anything about Fallout: New Vegas 2, the developer said the following in a recent interview:

“[I know] Nothing. Except it probably wouldn’t be called ‘New Vegas 2′”

However, the scriptwriter of Interplay Entertainment fame wanted to clarify that any such project would have to be approved by Bethesda. “I know people assume that Phil Spencer could simply force Bethesda to do something, that’s not the pattern from the studios that Microsoft has acquired,” he said, referring to the creative independence Microsoft grants to its acquisitions.

Avellone gave more exciting answers about the RPG/action franchise on his forum: he said he hadn’t played Fallout 76, while he spent just three hours with Fallout 4 before quitting due to a design problem. But he wanted to dive deeper into Fallout 3. Fallout: New Vegas, the developer said that about 20 of the 70 employees working on the RPG are still at Obsidian.

For now, there are only rumours and a few hints that Fallout: New Vegas 2 may be close to becoming a reality; Obsidian is working on the Avowed project, which will not disappoint RPG fans, while Bethesda is focusing on Starfield and the final months of The Elders Scrolls VI.


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