Where is Sora in Kingdom Hearts 4?

The whereabouts of Sora have been teased in Kingdom Hearts 3 when we had to face a secret boss. Here is everything about Quadratum so far.


The announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4 by Square Enix has been a big bombshell for fans of the series, revealing Sora’s whereabouts after the events of Kingdom Hearts 3 (something we were already given a glimpse of when we faced the secret boss). Now, the new world known as Quadratum has been revealed.

Quadratum first appears in Kingdom Hearts 3 when you face Yozora, the game’s secret boss. Shibuya inspires the location, so it’s no surprise that it would be related to The World Ends With You, a game that has already appeared in the series.

However, Quadratum is related to “the other side”, where light and darkness are not supposed to have the same weight, although we have seen the Heartless arrive in the new trailer. The hypothesis that this world is a parallel space, something like a limbo, gains strength when we see Donald and Goofy searching for a character that seems to be Hades because who better than the God of the Underworld to talk about worlds of the Beyond? On the other hand, Quadratum also appeared in the third instalment when in Toy Box, we saw the trailer for Verum Rex.

Other characters like Riku have also been seen in this world. After defeating Xehanort, he starts having dreams in which he finds himself in this place looking for his friend. However, he later manages to get there by opening a portal.

Source: GameRant

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