Hawaiian Couple Drops Restraining Order Against Ezra Miller

MOVIE NEWS – Ezra Miller appears to have pulled the plug on Warner Bros. after the Hawaii incident was not their first public scandal. The Flash star can now breathe a bit of a sigh of relief as the Hawaiian couple have dropped the restraining order against them, but their career in the DCEU films could be in jeopardy.


Ezra Miller has now once again gone public for a scandal in a Hawaiian bar, which led to the actor’s arrest on March 27. They were originally charged with disorderly conduct and harassment after yelling at other patrons and “getting agitated” in a Hawaiian bar. The actor has since been released on bail, but their trial is still to come, with a hearing scheduled for 26 April. The change in the case came when the couple who had sought a restraining order against the actor after the March incident decided to drop the order, which will also affect the outcome of the trial.

However, there is no certain answer as to what the outcome of the trial will be. There have also been many rumours circulating around the Miller arrest that this event was the last straw for Warner Bros. as the actor has been involved in similar scandals before. However, the studio denied that an emergency meeting had been called to discuss the actor’s fate, or that it would affect their upcoming film The Flash, which is due for release in 2023. Warner Bros. declined to comment further on the incident or the actor’s fate in the DCEU.

However, the scandal already has consequences, since the release of a prequel graphic novel based on The Flash has been pushed back to later this year. Besides, fake news or not, Ezra Miller’s fate as Barry Allen in the DCEU may be in doubt after all this, unless they somehow change their debauchery. For example, a video was previously posted on social media of Ezra Miller wrapping their arms around a young girl’s neck after the actor was jokingly asked if they wanted to fight.

It all happened in 2020 in a pub in Reykjavik, but at the time neither the actor nor their agent had any reaction to the video or to reports that Miller likes to get into fights in public. Now, however, much depends on the actor’s court case and the hearing that could decide whether they can still have a place in Warner Bros. productions.

Source: MovieWeb

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