Chef Life – Restaurant Simulator: How The Veal Stew Is Made [VIDEO]

Cyanide’s game will be slightly different from what we’re used to.


Chef Life – A Restaurant Simulator (the title is hyphenated in the press release and hyphenated on Steam; the publisher Nacon should decide which is correct somewhere), according to the press release, features “75 iconic recipes from French gastronomy, players will be able to test their abilities on traditional dishes, and hopefully be selected by the Michelin Guide, or even be awarded one of the historical Michelin Star.

[…] The traditional blanquette de veau, the bœuf bourguignon and the pot au feu, symbols of the French gastronomy that will delight the taste buds of customers. Unmissable dishes but technical, players must improve them to make their restaurant at the top of the range and perhaps get awarded distinction from the Michelin Guide. From the selection, preparation, cutting and cooking of the ingredients to the setting of the plate and its seasoning, everything must be perfectly executed to satisfy the demanding customers. Decorating the place is also an integral part of the experience, thanks to the multiple customization options offered […] that allow players to create the restaurant of their dreams!”

The game’s Steam page reveals more details: “Choose and customize dozens of kitchen components (cooking surfaces, food processors, ovens, etc.) to build your dream kitchen! Before firing up your burners, organize your team and manage your suppliers to obtain premium ingredients that would impress the most demanding gourmets. Track your finances and predict how busy you will be so you are not overwhelmed by the dinner rush! Are you more of a bœuf bourguignon or caccio e pepe type of chef? Build your menu around classic dishes from French, Italian and international cuisine!

uAre you looking to go beyond just essential recipes? Improve them and take them to new gastronomic heights! Adapt your menu to the seasons and your customers’ expectations to make a name for yourself. […] Learn how to keep your customers loyal and grow your restaurant. Learn new recipes and refine your cooking skills. Do yo want to become the neighbourhood’s favourite hotspot, or will you pursue fine dining and ultimately earn a prestigious star from the Michelin Guide?”

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator will be a cross-gen game (its graphics show), as it will be available from October 6 (according to the press release) on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Magnew press release

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