Project Q: After The Leak, Ubisoft Announced It [VIDEO]

The French publisher had its hands tied: after seeing the game in action, Ubisoft confirmed that it is indeed developing something, but perhaps not in a genre where Yves Guillemot’s company had already flopped…


Project Q will be a battle royale game. The problem is that Ubisoft has already had a go at it with Hyper Scape, so that history might repeat itself. Tom Henderson had no less than eight sources saying that Ubisoft Bordeaux (the studio that helped with Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six) is working on Project Q, which the French publisher thought better of and announced on Twitter that they’re sending out news about their game currently in development to those who sign up for the updates.

Yes, but the gameplay was unveiled in Henderson’s write-up¬†on Exputer, and yes, Project Q (which is a code name, not the final name) is still very much a work in progress, so it’s not fully refined. Oh, and this game was also in the big Nvidia GeForce Now leak, which… surprisingly (not), Ubisoft had removed from Github after a copyright (DMCA) claim. The game will feature several game modes, and one of them will be Showdown, with battle royale basics.

It will reportedly be an innovative and modern PvP battle arena game where you can choose your heroes’ weapons, abilities, and skills. There are three unique Wonders to choose from. It’s less Call of Duty-style firearms that we have to think of here, but instead in the direction of Final Fantasy that Ubisoft Bordeaux has gone. Cards, fireworks, axes, spray paint and sticks… that’s what Project Q will be.

There is no word yet on what Project Q will be for, but the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC trio will likely be the minimum, and depending on the release date, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One duo could be among the target platforms.

Source: WCCFTech

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