The Kill Room: We Finally Know Who’ll Play The Lead Role!

MOVIE NEWS – True Blood star Joe Manganiello has joined Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman in the upcoming comedy-thriller The Kill Room.



Remember The Kill Room? The Tarantino-inspired black comedy-thriller that will star Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman? Well, the film centres on an assassin played, as it was recently confirmed, by Joe Manganiello, best known for True Blood and his smaller DC and Marvel roles. The story follows the hitman who has seen better days but overnight becomes a sensation in the art world through a money-laundering scheme.

The Kill Room marks Jackson and Thurman’s first collaboration since 2004’s Kill Bill: Vol. 2.

The duo recently reunited with Pulp Fiction co-star John Travolta at the 94th Academy Awards to celebrate the 28th anniversary of the iconic film and also presented Will Smith with the Best Actor award.

Nicol Paone (Funny or Die, Friendsgiving) will direct The Kill Room from an original script by Jonathan Jacobson. The film is described as a “darkly comic thriller”, which, let’s face it, sounds pretty interesting.

The film has no release date yet, but shooting is set to begin soon in New York and New Jersey. If all goes according to plan, a 2023 release for The Kill Room seems likely, and with such an incredible cast, the film should have high expectations.

Joe Manganiello is apparently done with his role as Deathstroke.

The True Blood star was cast as DC’s iconic villain six years ago in Ben Affleck’s Batman movie. Manganiello appeared in a post-credits scene in the much-maligned 2017 film Justice League. Zack Snyder’s Justice League saw him reprise the role for another brief cameo, but sadly this will be Manganiello’s last appearance as Deathstroke.

For years, he had campaigned for a Deathstroke solo film and was even considered for a Suicide Squad sequel, but it never materialised. Last December, Manganiello confirmed he had moved on from the role. “No, I let that go a while ago,” he told ComingSoon. But it’s possible that Manganiello is now switching sides and heading to Marvel. He previously played the bully Flash Thompson in Spider-Man (2002). When asked if he would play the role again, Manganiello said he would prefer to play a more valuable character, such as one from the X-Men… even in the longer term.

Joe Manganiello will next be seen in AMC’s sci-fi series Moonhaven.

Source: Deadline

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