PlayStation Plus: Conversion Rates Get Worse With Longer Duration

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions can’t be stacked now (we’ve written about this before), so Sony needed to announce how to switch from the old model to the new, three-tier PlayStation Plus concept.


Sony has finally announced how PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now codes that have not yet been redeemed will be converted for the duration of the three models. For PlayStation Plus Essential, the one-month code gives 31 days of access. The three-month code gives 92 days, while the twelve-month code gives 365 days, so there’s no significant change here.

PlayStation Plus Extra is a different story: the one-month code gives you 20 days of access, the three-month code gives you 58 days, and the 12-month code provides 219 days, respectively. PlayStation Plus Premium is even shorter: 17 days with a one-month code, 46 days with a three-month voucher, and 183 days with a 12-month code, essentially half a year of access (PS Plus Premium is half the length of the old codes).

PlayStation Now subscriptions are a little different, as they are more expensive, but as the duration of the code increases, it gives you a worse value for money. For PlayStation Plus Essential, a code good for one month gives you 40 days, while a three-month code grants access for 105 days. The twelve-month code gives you 365 days. For PlayStation Plus Extras, the one-month code gives you 25 days, the three-month voucher is active for 66 days, while the twelve-month code can be redeemed for 219 days. For PlayStation Plus Premium, the one month code gives you 21 days, the three-month code gives you 53 days, and the twelve-month code provides 183 days. The exact ratio was also for the PlayStation Plus code for the 12-month code (365/219/183 days).

So with more extended codes, you lose more time.

Source: PSL

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