The Worst Episode of the Halo TV Series is Full of Hungarian actors, and They Even Speak Hungarian

MOVIE NEWS – There are a lot of Hungarian actors in the seventh part of the Halo TV series, entitled Inheritance, which is completely bad. Not our actors can do about it, but the script and directing of the seventh part (and thus the acting performance) is horrible. Attention below are SPOILERS for the seventh part of Halo!


Last year, in August, we made a interview with Nóra Trokán , in which she mentioned that she had recently been involved in the production of the series Halo. She couldn’t tell much more about the series or what role she played in it, but it was expected that she wouldn’t play a more important female role because they were already pretty much known and busy at the time.

Nóra Trokán herself appeared in Part 7 of the couple’s day, for a couple of seconds, quite a short scene. Nóra’s character is called “Daranka,” according to the IMDB, but that’s not very clear from the episode itself because Daranka is just one of the people at the party of the former Spartan soldier: Soren-066 (or now Soren) and her role is limited to as Soren incenses himself in front of those present in a ridiculous speech, Daranka looks at him with reverent eyes and in response to Soren’s sentence says, “So beautiful!” (“It’s so amazing!”) It’s not very clear from the whole scene whether the director intended it to be ironic now, but this scene is something quite awful. We don’t question Nóra Trokán’s acting performance (it would be difficult based on three seconds), because she made an outstanding performance in the film So or Perfect, for example.

But of the children of Péter Trokán, Nóra is not the only one in this section! Anna Trokán, the actor’s other daughter, also appears on stage and has two extraordinary and amusing things attached to it. On the one hand, the character’s name is Tr “Trokan” – presumably, the screenwriter liked this particularly ringing name, which also perfectly fits a sci-fi. On the other hand, while there is obviously no Hungarian dubbed version on the Paramount streaming channel not distributed in Hungary, I laughed aloud when Anna Trokán spoke in Hungarian to her male partner, calling her “Mókuska” in the original English series. The character named “Squirrel” (whom others call Squirrel) is also a Hungarian actor: he is called Gábor Nagypál and was last seen in my other Hungarian romantic comedy. He had already responded to Trokan in English, which made the scene something quite surreal and unintentionally ridiculous. “Trokan” finally warns Squirrel that Soren is your “partner” and calls, “Get me something to drink before I find anyone else”. Then we can see the short, few-second scene with Nóra Trokán, who is listening to Sorrento sitting in a deeply cleaved clothing composition anyway.

Nora is no longer in this section, but Mókuska and Trokan meet Soren a few more times. Squirrel is a pretty important character in this part as he gets into a sharp conflict with Soren, whose Squirrel is the man and quite afraid of him. Soren even has two scenes with Squirrel, one of which is that Soren is deliberately dropping a carriage on his feet just to show who the gentleman is at the house, and Trokan is distracted. The whole scene is terribly unassuming and pointless again.

It is not yet known whether Hungarians will be in the series again, as the seventh is the last part. But it would be nice if the Halo series finally said a little more about the original universe of Halo, and much better parts were born – whether or not it featured Hungarian actors.

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