No 4-Player Co-Op In Gotham Knights After All? Guys, Make Up Your Minds!

WB Games Montreal has revealed that Gotham Knights will continue to support a two-player multiplayer mode, correcting a rumour that had been circulating among fans.



As we reported a couple of days ago, news recently emerged of Gotham Knights’ listing on the PlayStation Store, which suggested that the game would feature a four-player co-op mode when played online. However, it seems that WB Games Montreal never imagined that so many players would be able to dive into missions together, either locally or online.

As has now been corrected on the PlayStation Store, Gotham Knights will come with a two-player co-op for online play instead of the four-player previously listed.

In addition, recent gameplay footage of the game includes wording that suggests fans were always intended to have a two-player mode for co-op during online play. This confirms that online multiplayer is limited to two players.

The two-player limitation for multiplayer remains consistent with previous comments made by the developer in interviews with IGN, GamesRadar and other media. According to WB Montreal, including a four-player multiplayer mode would require building the experience around the ability to have that many characters playing together at once. Essentially, the fact that Gotham Knights’ combat is designed for two players instead of four not only implies closer combat but also…

…reinforces the “dynamic duo” motif so prevalent in Batman-related media.

The decision not to allow four players to join each other in Gotham Knights may disappoint some fans who, given the four playable characters, had hoped to fight with all of them. However, if allowing additional players in each encounter meant that the whole game was redesigned around the mechanics, then solo and two-player gameplay could have suffered as a result.

For now, players can hope that this limitation allowed the developer to keep the other features of Gotham Knights as tight and consistent as other games built around the Batman media. Since development is focused on what’s best for the game, this should result in a better overall experience for fans, or at least that’s what we can hope for.

Source: IGN

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