Dead Space Remake: We Know The Release Date, And It’s Going To Be Scarier Than Ever! [VIDEO]

After showing off all the development for Dead Space Remake, EA Motive invites us to mark a date on our calendars…



Dead Space Remake is the dream of any gamer who loves realistic horror, so it’s only natural that the community keeps an eye on what’s new via EA Motive’s live streaming. Just a few hours ago, the developers explained the critical details of the experience in terms of scenery, lighting and art in general, but they also wanted to surprise us with a definitive release date.

Dead Space Remake will be released on 27 January for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series.

Although we already knew that the game would arrive sometime in 2023, the developers didn’t want to test our patience. So they’re inviting us to mark 27 January on our calendars and get ready for an offer that will make all gamers’ blood run cold. The developers will thus begin to polish Isaac Clark’s entire adventure to give us a game that aims to be unforgettable, both for its significance in the video game industry and for its incredible moments.



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However, EA Motive used their live show to give us more news on the highly anticipated remake. As announced at the end of the broadcast, we’ll be treated to an in-depth gameplay alongside the Dead Space Remake in October, so we’re looking forward to the developer setting a specific date to show off the experience in style.

EA Motive is aware that there is a lot of anticipation surrounding Dead Space Remake, so they are releasing small previews showing off the improvements they’ve made to their title compared to the original game. Thus, the developers have talked about various themes that will enhance the dread to the extreme, such as the sounds that will inevitably accompany us throughout our journey or the weapons that we will use in the instalment.


Slashers: more real than ever


Some of the live-action work has focused on fine-tuning around the characters, including Isaac Clarke and classic ‘Slashers’. As for the main protagonist, EA Motive pointed out some refinements related to his elaborate spacesuit, which will have even more polished details in this remake, focusing on his function as an essential piece of clothing for survival in space.

The slashers’ bodies will be torn apart according to the direction of our shots.



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Although Isaac is the main character in the game, the community has been quick to express its love for Slashers. These creatures have been enhanced to give us an even more terrifying feel, leaving us with bloodier bodies and more precise wounds on their distinctive bodies. But in addition to improving the creatures’ graphics, EA Motive has also worked to make the combat as realistic as possible.

We’re not talking about more immersive combat or other mechanics, as the developers want to make the encounter (or rather, survival) with Slashers more realistic by making the body more responsive to gunfire. So we can expect a more realistic dismemberment animation that is more in line with the direction of the projectiles, which will make the pieces of the creature fly around more realistically.

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