Resident Evil Series’ New Trailer Makes Your Hair Stand On End! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Netflix has set the premiere of Resident Evil for July 14 and is already trying to get audiences excited with a trailer.



Resident Evil has been enjoying its second golden age in recent months, as the franchise has explored new avenues beyond video games and movies, such as the world of TV series. Netflix has recognised the potential of Shinji Mikami’s saga and has raised audience expectations with a live-action series, which has already featured several actors and a few posters.

But unsurprisingly, users of the platform have already asked for a more realistic approach to the production. Accordingly, Netflix has today surprised us with a new trailer showing the fall of civilisation and the subsequent survival of some of the characters in a zombie-infested environment.

The video also features some gory scenes that fit the overall tone of the franchise.

The survivors slaughter zombies, tense situations, chases and more. In the apocalyptic scenario, we follow Jade Wesker as she is determined to uncover the mysterious links between her father and the Umbrella Corporation.

For Netflix, the Resident Evil series is far from the first attempt to adapt a video game for the small screen. Just a few months ago, the platform’s subscribers were wowed by the League of Legends series Arcane. In addition, the famous brand is also producing titles such as Sonic Prime, which made it clear from its first trailer that it was aimed at a younger audience.

Source: YouTube

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