The Chant: New Trailer Arrives For The Amazing Psychedelic Horror Game! [VIDEO]

The Chant has been given a teaser trailer with a druggy trippy vibe, inviting fans into a cultish, psychedelic nightmare set on a remote spiritual island retreat.



Back at E3 2021, The Chant was announced by developer Brass Token and publisher Prime Matter of Koch Media. Described as a “psychedelic action horror” game, it follows cosmic horror and spirituality themes as a third-person action-adventure game set on a remote island retreat connected to a 1970s new age cult.

In The Chant, the eponymous rhythmic phrase is somehow sung backwards, resulting in the psychedelic horror that players are confronted with.

With a 2022 release window, the survival horror is set to make a big splash this year. That’s because it recently received a new teaser trailer that shows off all the hallucinogenic and nightmarish images players can expect from a spiritual cult’s retreat.

The teaser trailer for The Chant, which comes from PlayStation’s official channel, offers a brief glimpse of an idyllic-looking island where individuals gather in a strange dome structure. Arriving with the goal of enlightenment, the various characters, dressed in similar white suits, gather on the floor in front of candles for a spiritual journey.

The characters are aware that a group from the 1970s has been here before them, suggesting that the retreat and the island itself have a sectarian background. Furthermore, events become truly horrific when an ethereal presence from another dimension, called Gloom, appears and affects the visitors and their reality. Not much is shared about the protagonist of The Chant, but part of the survival horror experience is probably understanding why they decided to travel to this lonely place in the first place.

The teaser ends with a reminder that The Chant will be released in the fall of 2022.

However, developer Brass Token’s website says the release window is narrowed to October, which would launch the game, stylistically, during the spooky season around Halloween.

What’s more, The Chant, it seems, will be a next-gen exclusive, as the teaser trailer only mentions PS5 as a compatible PlayStation version, not PS4. Until its arrival in October, fans can sign up for Koch Media’s newsletter on the game’s official website, where they can enter a draw to “win a Spiritual Wellbeing themed pack at launch.”

Source: Brass Token

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