Is A Silent Hill 2 Remake On The Way?! The Franchise’s Rumoured To Get New Games

According to various reports, a Silent Hill 2 remake is in development alongside two other projects in the survival horror franchise.



Konami, which made Silent Hill a success, has largely moved away from AAA game production, and as a result, its biggest franchises have been mostly dormant for years. The series hasn’t received a proper new instalment since 2012, save for a playable teaser for Silent Hills, which was released in 2014 and has since been pulled from the PlayStation Store. However, it looks like Silent Hill fans will soon have something to get excited about, as several related projects are reportedly in active development.

According to reports from VGC and insiders Jeff Grubb and NateTheHate, several Silent Hill projects are in development at Konami.

These apparently include a full-fledged Silent Hill 2 remake, with reworked puzzles, ending and more, reportedly being developed by the Bloober Team, a studio known for the Layers of Fear games, as well as The Medium, the latter of which is heavily inspired by Konami’s classic. Rumours suggest that the remake could be a timed PlayStation exclusive, which is in line with previous stories that a PS5 exclusive game is in the pipeline for the franchise.

It has been rumoured before that more Silent Hill games are in development, and the VGC report makes these claims even more credible. According to VGC sources, a serialised version is also in development, although it’s unclear who exactly is working on the project. It appears to have been worked on at one time by Dark Pictures studio Supermassive Games, but the latest reports suggest that Annapurna Interactive may also be involved. Or it could be a completely different studio.



A most már a Bokeh Game Studionál dolgozó Toyama Keiichiro nyíltan kimondta: ha lehetőséget kapna az első Silent Hillhez hasonló pszichológiai horror műfajú játék fejlesztésére a Slitterhead után, bevállalná!



It sounds like this project could be something along the lines of a narrative-driven, episodic adventure game, see The Dark Pictures or various Telltale titles, so it will be interesting to see what comes of it. The VGC report also mentions that sources say that a brand new instalment in the franchise is in development at a Japanese studio. However, not many details are available at this point.

This comes after Silent Hill images were leaked online.

They were pulled via the DMCA, suggesting that the images are legitimate and represent a future Silent Hill project. The VGC believes that these images are not from any of the previous games but from a new “PT-style teaser game” that will be made available for free. Of course, for now, fans should take this information with a pinch of salt and wait for official confirmation before getting too excited. But given what VGC and several insiders have reported, it seems relatively sure that another Silent Hill is finally in the works.

Now, the only question is when fans will get to see these games for themselves. VGC’s report concludes with Konami planning to unveil these projects at E3 2021, as mentioned by Jeff Grubb, so it makes sense that a big reveal is only a matter of time. E3 2022 may be cancelled, but there are still significant summer gaming events coming up where the series could be revealed, such as Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest. However, Keighley has been critical of Konami in the past for the company’s treatment of Hideo Kojima, so it’s unclear whether Summer Game Fest will be able to mend those bridges.

Source: VGC

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