Is Sony Also Planning A PlayStation VR2 Show? [VIDEO]

June will be a strong month in video game news, even with E3 cancelled again this year.


It’s been a long-standing tradition for publishers and developers to announce many games and release dates during the first month of summer, as that’s when E3 usually takes place, but this year, it won’t be held again after 2020. And we’ve already heard that Sony might be preparing a PlayStation event… but it could be that Jim Ryan’s company is not only planning one show but two.

After this year’s GDC (Game Developers Conference), Sony said that it would be showing off PlayStation VR2 in a more significant way. Jeff Grubb, writing for VentureBeat, believes that the next-generation VR headset will arrive late this year, or early 2023 at the latest, and the latter would coincide with previous rumours (as we’ve heard that a virtual reality device worthy for the PlayStation 5 could come in the first quarter of 2023).

Perhaps Sony will tie the two shows together, and a more significant event (PlayStation Showcase?) could come, filling the void left by E3, for which a State of Play was planned anyway. Here, they could show off their upcoming games that they’ve already announced (and one they definitely should show off is God of War: Ragnarok, which is officially due out in 2022, but we suspect Sony Interactive Entertainment Santa Monica will move it to early 2023…), unconfirmed titles (the Swizzle Kiss project mentioned yesterday could be one of those…), and then, the PlayStation VR2 could play an important role, which the company could give a release date for.

Grubb said, “The only rumblings I’ve heard is they intend to show this off again in a more substantial way very soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of that is related to E3. Maybe this is where the wires get crossed, like maybe they have a smaller event where they show off PSVR 2, and that’s why people are hearing that there’s going to be ‘a PlayStation E3’ showcase in early June. Maybe it’s just a PSVR 2 showcase, which I suppose still counts.”

Sony must act, and there’s no arguing that

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