Brad Pitt’s Nose Is So Big You Can’t Even Recognize Him

MOVIE NEWS – The next Oscars are still a long way off, but already the buzz is that Babylon will win a gold statue or two. The Brad Pitt-starring film takes us back to the first golden age of Hollywood, when silent film was slowly being replaced by cinema with sound.


It strives for historical authenticity, so it features contemporary studio bosses and stars, but there will be some twists in the play because its writer and director is Daniel Chazelle, who himself wrote film history: as the youngest director won an Oscar for the California Dream (at age 32). But he also made the Whiplash , which was awarded three Oscars.

You can’t know more about Babylon , but the protagonists are Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, which is also a good reference in addition to the name of the writer-director. For the time being, an excerpt from the film could be seen on CinemaCon, in which the almost unrecognizable Pitt plays John Gilbert, the great silent film star of the age.

Instead of Robbie , Emma Stone would have been the female protagonist, one of Chazelle’s big favorites since the California Dream , but could not take over due to problems.

By the way, the Oscar contemplation of Babylon stems from the fact that the film completely impressed the audience during the screenings.

( Babylon – Home Show: January 5, 2023)

Source: UIP Hungary

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