How Many Have Fallen For The Claims Of “Benevolent” Ransomware of GoodWill?

TECH NEWS – A ransomware group called GoodWill has made some out-of-the-ordinary claims about the people it has attacked…


CloudSEK has reported that a new ransomware group, GoodWill’s attack is not giving access to files on attacked machines as usual. Still, it is not asking for bitcoins to be paid into the provided virtual wallet to open your device! The group, which may be based in Mumbai, India, asks us to do three acts of kindness.

The first step is to provide new clothes and blankets to the homeless and make a video of it on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Then, during the evening, take five children under the age of thirteen from your neighbourhood to a pizza place (Dominos, Pizza Hut) or KFC, let them order their favourite food and try to make them feel happy. We should also record it and publish pictures of the kids on social media. And the third demand is that for those who cannot afford to pay their medical bills, we should help them and, as expected, document all of it.

So this is not to pay the presumably Indian group but rather to humiliate ourselves on social media (of course, this applies more to countries where hating each other is the norm, including several authoritarian countries…). The other interesting thing is about children: if we don’t know many minors, who would agree to allow a stranger to take their child to dinner at a fast-food restaurant? Who would believe that we have been the victim of hacking? We may be overly cynical, but these are not stupid questions when you think about it…

It would all be strange if we didn’t have a KFC near us (it’s not as common outside the United States…). Dominos isn’t a brand in every country, and the same applies to Pizza Hut. In such cases, it is up to the confidence of the attackers whether they believe that there are no such fast-food restaurants in our area.

Source: PCGamer


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