Did PlayStation Accidentally Let Slip PSVR 2’s Release Date?!

TECH NEWS – A game shown off at the State of Play may have given us an idea of when PlayStation’s new virtual reality tool is due.



Sony PlayStation’s State of Play event the day before yesterday left us with all sorts of PS4 and PS5 gaming news but also some important announcements about PSVR 2, the brand’s new virtual reality device. However, one of these contained a detail that the community couldn’t ignore.

We’re thinking of the announcement of The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution, which is being developed for Sony’s virtual reality machine.

The horror sequel was unveiled with a trailer, but the official PlayStation blog has also posted extra information that could confirm a PSVR 2 release date, although it’s a detail that should always be treated with caveats.


Speculation about a 2023 release date


What we’re talking about is that this second chapter will not only appear on the new VR headset but will also arrive on Sony’s first pair of glasses. What’s the point? That the release dates are different on the two devices, with a clarification that it will arrive on PSVR 2 sometime in 2023, while it will arrive on PS4 in late 2022.

The reason for the difference has not been explained, so many users interpret the only reason to be that PlayStation VR2 will not be launched until the end of 2022. The title in question will be released on devices other than the PlayStation, where it also considers this year as the release window, confirming the theory.

While we wait to see if this clue finally confirms the release date for Sony’s new virtual reality, other games have been announced to be coming to the platform in the future. Resident Evil Village, for example, will only be playable on PS5 VR, while No Man’s Sky is also getting a completely revamped version.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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