Fortnite: Vibin’ The Madness – Chapter 3 Season 3 Is Here! [VIDEO]

It looks like Epic Games has “thrown a party” for the latest season of Fortnite: the newest addition to the battle royale, which is not known for its seriousness, promises to be some pretty dizzying fun.



Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 3 is here, and with it comes a new Battle Pass packed with rewards. New skins, V-Bucks, new emotes, and more are waiting to be unlocked, giving players plenty of reasons to head back to the island. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s in the Fortnite Season 3 Battle Pass, from Darth Vader to Indiana Jones and everything in between.

Battle Stars are once again the currency used to unlock rewards in the Battle Pass, returning for the fifth consecutive season. Rather than unlocking a predetermined list of rewards one by one, players have some say in which rewards they want to open. As always, you can buy a battle pass for 950 V-bucks if you want to start from level 1, or you can get a boosted battle pass for 2800 V-bucks, which begins from level 25 and gives you a bunch of Battle Stars to spend immediately.

The first 100 tiers of rewards are split into 10 pages, and as you buy more rewards with Battle Stars, more pages of rewards will unlock.

As you level up your Battle Pass, you’ll earn five stars per level, and these stars can then be used on any unlocked page. If there’s a big reward you want on page 3, you can get it as soon as it’s unlocked… even if page 2 isn’t completed yet – though each page will usually lock an item until you complete the rest of the page.

The final unlock in Fortnite Chapter 3’s Battle Star is Darth Vader, the most famous villain in Star Wars. Another face from LucasFilm – Indiana Jones – is this season’s midseason skin, so you’ll have to wait a few more weeks to get your hands on the famous archaeologist.





The Battle Pass also includes an action figure-like skin, parts of which can be unlocked with Snap Quests – similar to the Omni Chips from Season 2 – and some new faces, which we’ll be sure to learn more about as the season progresses.

As has been the case for a long time, this season’s battle pass will include eight characters, including six Epic originals and two giant LucasFilm characters that fans have been clamouring for years. Here’s the complete list of new heroes and villains.

  • Evie
  • Snap
  • Adira
  • Stormfarer
  • Malik
  • Sabina
  • Darth Vader
  • Indiana Jones


Evie is a brand new skin that will be the first to be unlocked in this season’s Battle Pass. Each skin will be accompanied by several themed rewards to unlock, including back blings, emotes, etc.


A new world awaits


The light-hearted style and summer vibes are evident in the outdoor spectaculars showcased in Fortnite’s recent cinematic trailer, which featured the return of the ballers riding a giant rollercoaster. The “Chapter 3 – Season 3 Gameplay Experience Trailer” confirms the arrival of Indiana Jones and Darth Vader, among various new additions.

We also discover a new biome, Reality Falls.

“The Island is one giant party. Bounce around in Reality Falls, ride atop creatures, brave the Screwballer coaster, and revel with new arsenal,” Fortnite announced in the official Season 3 announcement. The Reality Tree has blossomed on the island, creating a new biome: this is Reality Falls, “a lush forest of mushrooms, bouncy mushrooms, and trees of purple.”





Beneath the falls, you’ll find prey, as well as geysers to blast. In the Reality Tree, Reality seed pods are scattered around, and you can plant these to get a Reality sapling that will grow from game to game. As you weed the sapling, you get more and more valuable loot.

The return of the ballers will bring some changes, and we’ll also be able to ride and attach to surfaces. Fortnite will celebrate with a tugboat called The Flying Ball, which promises a “fun, high-flying experience”. Among the improvements, bolonchos have been given more health, run on batteries and float on water.

The ballers come with several improvements

As well as ballers, you’ll also be able to ride wild animals, hopping on wolves and boars. These will allow you to fight on their backs and shoot and throw weapons while staying in the saddle. Of course, the new season will also bring new and returning weapons to the island.

The storm condition is another new feature in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3: if we stay in the storm too long, we will suffer from “storm sickness”, which will reduce our health at a faster rate. But more importantly, if all you’ve ever wanted was to see Obi-Wan Kenobi dance with Darth Vader, you can finally do that!

Source: Epic Games

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