The Boys Actor Was Shocked By What His Character Did In Season 3! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Chace Crawford from The Boys detailed what it was like to eat a live octopus in episode 3…



WARNING! Spoiler alert, so if you haven’t seen the available episodes of The Boys season 3, read no further!

The Boys are back with the third season, and in the first three episodes that debuted on Prime Video, The Deep got into a tough spot. To get back on good terms with The Seven, he had to eat his best friend, an octopus named Timothy. The actor was quite shaken by the event, and let’s admit it, there are few scenes in the series as repulsive as this one, even though it’s a very naturalistic production.

While the scene is pretty stomach-churning, don’t worry, actor Chace Crawford isn’t eating a real octopus – this isn’t Old Boy.

However, before the CG was added, the actual process of bringing this scene of The Boys to life was still tricky.

Before the digital effects were added, Crawford still had to chew on fake tentacles to make the scene as authentic as possible. “Stephan (Fleet), our effects guy – Emmy nominated – is amazing,” Crawford told GameSpot. “There was actually a ton of tests before but they’re like, ‘So these tentacles are made out of mochi. Would you try these?'”

Crawford originally had to make relatively stiff tentacles out of mochi; the real disgusting moment was when he bit into the cephalopod, and black ink came out. According to Crawford, it was maple syrup mixed with dye, which is also not the most delicate thing in the world.

In addition to having weird things in his mouth, Crawford also had some facial accessories.

“We just like strings and scotch tape.”

The cords were attached to Crawford’s face, and as he ate the fake octopus, the effects team pulled on the lines, making it look like something was tugging at his face. During post-production, tentacles were added.

“We did have like a full rehearsal and they had real a real seafood tower, which is kind of disgusting after like, eight hours,” Crawford continued. “But the food we’re eating – like Colby (Minifie), she plays Ashley, she’s phenomenal – she’s vegan. So they made it all vegan. And the girls loved it. They’re like, ‘Oh, this is this is great,’ and then meanwhile, I was grossed out. So it was, it was a lot of fun.”

You can watch this scene – and all available episodes of The Boys – on Prime Video. Episodes 1-3 are available from June 3, with the remaining episodes airing weekly on Fridays.

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