Could A New Just Cause Game Be In Development?!

Square Enix retains control of the IP and has announced that it is already working on a game – could it be Just Cause 5?



Square Enix is already working on a new Just Cause game. As we reported back in May, the sale of the Final Fantasy parent company’s Western studios has not been accompanied by the sale of IPs outside of Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamic, such as Avalanche Studios’ explosive open-world action series. Now a transcript of the company’s recent shareholder meeting provides more details.

Not much, but it does clarify that Square Enix has already commissioned a new game in addition to retaining control of the IP.

“Our plan is to focus on creating new titles in line with our strategy. The Just Cause franchise will remain in our IP portfolio, and we are working on developing a new chapter in the franchise,” reads a document shared by Square Enix a few hours ago, which describes part of the statements made to investors on May 13.

No more is known for now, and there’s a risk that Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda is referring to Just Cause Mobile, a shooter exclusively for iOS and Android devices that will be released in 2022. In the meantime, you can read our review of Just Cause 4, the latest numbered instalment in the series, which arrived for PC, PS4 and Xbox One in late 2018.


Avalanche and Contraband for Xbox


If Just Cause 5 is in the works, it’s likely to be the work of Avalanche Studios. We understand the team is working on Contraband, an open-world co-op game for Xbox Series and PC, while speculation is that the studio is returning to Mad Max to coincide with the start of filming for the IP’s new movie Furiosa. News for 2021 also hinted at plans to open a new development studio in New York.


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