The Director of Nope Continues to Tease The Audience – Here’s the Second Trailer! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – It’s still not known what Oscar-winning Jordan Peele’s ( Disappear, We ) new film, Nope, is about because the previews so far, only the proverbial “someone is doing something” type of information has been provided to viewers while bizarre objects are popping up and actors are scanning the clouds.


Recently, the female protagonist, Keke Palmer said “Nope”  has become quite different from the director’s previous films. which is not enough to start with again, but an exciting moment appeared in the latest preview the other day, and you can combine it again. For about a second, you see a flying saucer chasing one of the characters. Of course, a lot of things still can’t be known: is it a dream scene, or is someone telling someone, maybe that’s how the invasion of alien creatures begins, or maybe it doesn’t matter at all, only marketers want to play the piano on the audience’s nerves? You can brainstorm until the next preview.

In any case, if the film is as cleverly structured as the announcer’s campaign, viewers won’t be disappointed.

( Nope – Home Show: August 11, 2022 )

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