Is One Of Call Of Duty’s Main Dev Teams Working On An Open-World RPG?

Infinity Ward, under Microsoft, might finally shed the Call of Duty yoke it’s carried for two decades…


It’s safe to say that Infinity Ward has carried that yoke. Since they were founded in May 2002, in almost 20 years, they have only worked on the Call of Duty franchise (1, 2, Modern Warfare 1-2-3, Ghosts, Infinite Warfare, Modern Warfare 2019, Warzone, Modern Warfare II 2022, Warzone 2), so they could do with something else because, after all that time, they can get bored of them even if they are passionate about their games.

CharlieIntel, a leading site for Call of Duty insiders, has reported that Infinity Ward has recently published a suspicious job offer: “Activision Publishing is seeking a talented and passionate narrative director to ideate, create, and direct the implementation of story, dialogues, and scenes of an unannounced AAA project. In this role, you will create a cohesive vision for the narrative presentation and its connection with the gameplay experience, and you will be responsible for the direction of cinematic moments. The ideal candidate will have experience working on non-linear narratives in open-world games and directing cinematics in AAA-quality titles.

Responsibilities include: Partner with the game director and team leadership to set the overall vision and direction for an unannounced AAA project; participate in the creation of the game story, characters, lore, and world-building; your role is to provide the best narrative and cinematic experience in an open-world RPG.”

Hold on! Is Infinity Ward working on an open-world RPG…?!  A Call of Duty RPG isn’t considered logical, but what Xbox boss Phil Spencer said doesn’t seem silly anymore: he wants to resurrect Activision’s older IPs. There’s plenty to choose from, given the publisher’s decades-long history (Blizzard’s, too)…

Source: WCCFTech

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