Forza Motorsport Was Running On PC In The Trailer, Not On Console! [VIDEO]

Turn 10 is already working on Forza Motorsport 8, which, following today’s fashions in naming conventions, doesn’t have a number, but the studio promises significant improvements.


This weekend, we finally saw the new Forza in the Xbox/Bethesda broadcast. The studio promised real-time, on-track ray tracing and a forty-eight-fold improvement in the physics simulation. However, the trailer was misleading: the team claimed it was running on Xbox Series X, but Microsoft has since confirmed that is not the case: “We incorrectly stated that the Forza Motorsport demo was captured in-game on Xbox Series X. The demo was captured in-game on PC and tested on Xbox Series X for the same visual quality output.” Here we go again after a decade?

And in a new episode of Forza Monthly, creative director Chris Esaki talks about the game. On the 48-fold improvement, Esaki said that each tyre has eight points of contact with the asphalt in the game. Until now, there was only one. The physics are updated six times more often. 6×8 = 48. Each track has a full time of day change so that you can go anywhere from night to day or vice versa. It will affect the temperature of the track, which in turn will change the control. The tracks will dynamically “rubberize”, so you’ll get better traction as more and more used rubber is deposited on the track.

According to Esaki, all tracks (including older favourites) will be rebuilt with the new engine. Unlike Gran Turismo 7, there will be ray tracing in replays, but you’ll also experience it while racing. There’ll also be full global lighting during replays so that replays will look even better. Polyphony Digital are now in a challenging situation (they already are with the dynamic pricing of legendary cars, and the game was being unplayable for over a day due to the 1.07 patch…).

Forza Motorsport doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but Microsoft will undoubtedly release it for Xbox Series and PC in the first half of 2023.

Source: WCCFTech

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