Is The Google Stadia Getting Nvidia GPU Upgrades?

If it is the case, we have to ask a question: Why?


As much as Google Stadia came with a big dirge, everyone has forgotten about it: where are the days when Cyberpunk 2077 looked the most sophisticated on this platform? But still, an unnamed source told 9to5Google that the tech company is looking to integrate Nvidia technology into the game streaming, so some change may be coming, as custom-built AMD GPUs have powered Stadia until now. The open-source nature helped, too: the Stadia Linux kernel’s automated builder is configured to support Nvidia GPUs.

We have no idea yet what it could mean for us. Maybe there will be a significant hardware change, but who knows when Google will make the AMD-Nvidia switch if it ever happens, as Stadia itself is not exactly as popular as Google would like it to be. The technology built so far hasn’t been cheap, so maybe we’re talking about an alternative and not a replacement.

Maybe Nvidia stepped in to give Google more server capacity so people could play on other machines for better performance. It could be an attempt by Alphabet (Google’s parent company) to make the streaming platform relevant again, which has many rivals in the market (Xbox Cloud Gaming, PlayStation Plus, Amazon Luna, GeForce Now). Or Google is already thinking about the future, and the company thinks Nvidia will have more promising GPUs soon, and that’s what they are betting on.

And let’s not forget the other aspect: Google Stadia has been weak regarding AAA games in the last year or so. Ubisoft is sticking with the technology, but Far Cry 6 alone will not carry the platform, whose tech the company already licenses to interested parties. There will be no in-house development, as the studios have all been closed. The platform will eventually die. It’s just a question of when that will happen.

Source: PCGamer

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