Is Electronic Arts Working On A Marvel game?

Given the existing relationship between Disney, which owns Marvel, and Electronic Arts over the Star Wars licence, it is probably a logical but, on reflection, risky move.


This rumour comes from the latest episode of the XboxEra podcast. Nick Baker (Shpeshal_Nick) talked about how an unnamed source said that Electronic Arts is also looking into Marvel superheroes. While he’s heard more from the anonymous person, he’s deliberately not sharing it all with us because he doesn’t want to leak more than that. He was informed of this in a private message.

Baker added that the source also mentioned what the game is about and which IP is being converted to video game format by the Andrew Wilson-led publisher. He said it would be a bad idea to drop even a hint because then his fan base would be able to piece together what Electronic Arts is up to instantly. However, he didn’t ask other insiders how credible the rumour is. Still, he plans to make up for this omission, and he’s not sure where Electronic Arts’ project is in development: it could end up in the graveyard during the planning phase.

Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales were successful (financially; no wonder a sequel is in the works), but let’s not forget the other half of the balance sheet. Marvel’s Avengers remains to be seen when Square Enix will kill it off. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy has not sold decently enough, underperforming the publisher’s expectations (perhaps it should not have had Denuvo). Firaxis, meanwhile, is working on Marvel’s Midnight Suns (due out October 7), and Insomniac has already hired the writer of Spec Ops: The Line to be the narrative director for Marvel’s Wolverine…

Suppose Electronic Arts is doing something Marvel-related; who knows how successful the project could be. Especially since Marvel hasn’t had success with Xbox before (which is how the Sony deal came about).

Source: PSL

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