Top Gun: Maverick Star: Miles Teller Says They Are In Talks With Tom Cruise For Top Gun 3

MOVIE NEWS – Could there be a third Top Gun movie in the works? Maverick star Miles Teller says it’s possible.


Given how well Top Gun: Maverick did at the box office, it’s no surprise that Paramount is already tossing around sequel ideas. No official plans are in development for Top Gun 3 yet, but perhaps all that’s needed is the right story to get the gears turning on a potential sequel. If that happens, we could even see Tom Cruise flying again as Maverick, as co-star Miles Teller says the actor has already discussed the possibility.

Teller says this in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight. Essentially, he clarifies that everything in Top Gun 3 hinges on whether Cruise wants to get back on the plane. Teller admits that he has spoken to Cruise about it, though it doesn’t sound like he’s received confirmation from his star co-star that the third film has a chance.

“That would be great, but it’s up to TC. It’s all up to Tom. I’ve talked to him about it. We’ll see.”

Teller added that he developed a special relationship with Cruise after they starred together in Top Gun: Maverick. He also hints that the film made huge box office receipts, which will hopefully help convince Cruise to return for a third instalment. But even if Top Gun 3 doesn’t happen, Teller is grateful for the opportunity to make a second part with Cruise.

“Sharing Top Gun with me and so many other young actors was a wild ride that’s still going on.”

While the original Top Gun film was well-loved, Top Gun: Maverick was loved by many fans and critics, and some say the new movie is even better. The film has been praised by almost everyone, with a 96% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and even better for the filmmakers, the box office numbers have been stellar. The film is the highest-grossing film of the year, with over $1.2 billion in grosses so far (and counting). Top Gun: Maverick is the highest grossing film of Tom Cruise’s career with the profits already earned.

Tom Cruise, however, almost missed out on this success, as he initially didn’t want to make a sequel. Speaking to Vulture earlier, director Joseph Kosinski detailed what it was like to get Cruise involved in the film. Kosinski suggested that Cruise had to be “emotionally” hooked, so the hook was a solid story that made sense for Maverick’s return. Maybe that’s what it takes to get a third part made.

“The first movie is a drama, even if it’s wrapped up in this glossy action movie,” Kosinski explained his offer to Cruise. “It would be the same, but Maverick would reconcile with Goose’s son as opposed to this mission that would take them both into deeply hostile territory. And as soon as I said that, I could see the wheels start turning in his head. Then I brought up the idea of the Dark Star, the opening scene of what Maverick does when we find him. Which I think was important because Maverick is still Maverick, but he’s no longer bombing the tower of the local airbase. He is at the forefront of aviation, pushing the boundaries as always. But he’s alone. At the beginning of the film, he’s alone.”

Kosinski added: “Then I talked about the practical shooting, and Tom is 100 per cent in this. And then the title. I said we couldn’t call it Top Gun 2. We should call it Top Gun 2: Maverick – a character story. And he got out his phone and called the head of Paramount and said, “We’re doing a sequel to Top Gun. And boom, it’s greenlit.”

Top Gun: Maverick is still in theatres, and there’s no word yet on when the film will be released for streaming. You can read a review of the film here.

Source: Cinemablend

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