Project Artemis: Could Channing Tatum Star In Apple’s Upcoming Movie?!

MOVIE NEWS – Besides Channing Tatum, the 1960s space race movie has a new director in Greg Berlanti.



After an extended break from starring, Channing Tatum is back in the spotlight in a big way this year. The modestly budgeted Dog grossed over $60 million in US cinemas on its February release, and Tatum followed that success with The Lost City just over a month later. The action-comedy starring Sandra Bullock grossed a respectable $105 million at the box office, proving that Channing Tatum remains a bankable Hollywood star.

The actor’s schedule is getting busier as Tatum has reportedly landed a starring role in a big-budget Apple movie centred on the 1960s space race.

According to Deadline, Channing Tatum will replace Chris Evans in Project Artemis, the script for which Apple bought for more than $100 million earlier this year. Initially, Evans was set to play the lead role alongside longtime MCU partner Scarlett Johansson. Still, scheduling conflicts with films like Netflix’s Pain Hustlers led the actor to step down from Project Artemis. It’s the second project Evans and Johansson have signed on to together, which one of them had to drop out of after Johansson pulled out of Apple’s Ghosted late last year. Ana de Armas stepped in to play the lead role in the film, which wrapped up shooting a few months ago.

Although Tatum is an exciting new addition to Project Artemis, she is not the only new face joining the production.

The film was initially set to be directed by Ozark star Jason Bateman, but due to creative differences with production company These Pictures, Bateman left the director’s chair. In addition to the Channing Tatum news, Deadline has also reported that Greg Berlanti, best known as a director for Love, Simon, but with significant producing credits to his name, will take over Project Artemis.

Source: Deadline

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