Xbox UI May Change – Here’s The Update They’re Working On!

TECH NEWS – The Xbox team is alpha testing a change to the user interface that adds a new feature to the game titles on the home screen.



The Xbox team is currently testing changes to the popular gaming platform. The interface currently focuses on displaying games and game images but doesn’t provide much additional information. Although the display is customisable to a certain extent, allowing players to pin titles and create groups of their favourite content, the UI is still missing some vital information. Fortunately, the team’s new alpha test addresses some of the details that categorise the content available to players.

There’s a wealth of content available to gamers, especially those who participate in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

A screenshot of the UI changes appeared in a recent Twitter post by Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie. In the image, you can see that games that appear on the dashboard have been tagged with labels that tell players why they are not playable. For example, the tags/symbols can inform players that a title is missing a disc, that content has been removed, or that a game is unusable on Xbox because it has left Game Pass.

This may not seem like a significant change, but it will be undoubtedly helpful for many gamers, especially those who have an extensive game library or physical collection of content that they use for their Xbox Series X console. The proposed update will also show fans that the platform is committed to improving the gaming experience. In addition, the new update will identify several reasons why a game may not launch. Players who are logged out, don’t have a license, or can’t play for various reasons will quickly understand the problems they are facing.

Indeed, this interface change will certainly make the Xbox easier to use, which means that gamers will be able to concentrate more on the game.

And that’s a good thing, given the growing list of titles coming to Xbox Game Pass, including games like Redfall and Hollow Knight: Silksong. While fans hoping for a significant UI change won’t be getting a massive overhaul, it’s still lovely to see the team putting the gameplay experience first. While the proposed update for the platform is still in alpha testing, hopefully, it will be a small step in the right direction for players.

Source: Twitter

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