Xbox Game Pass: The First Update In August

Microsoft has announced which games are coming and departing the subscription service.


Ghost Recon Wildlands is already available (console [so Xbox Series and Xbox One], PC, cloud), Shenzhen I/O (PC, [email protected], i.e. indie), and Turbo Golf Racing (Xbox Series [not for Xbox One!], PC, cloud, [email protected]) are coming on the 4th. On the 9th, Two Point Campus (console, PC, cloud) launches on Game Pass (as does Turbo Golf Racing), followed on the 11th by Cooking Cloud Simulator (console, PC, cloud), Expeditions: Rome (PC) and Offworld Trading Company (PC, [email protected]).

On the DLC/update front, there’s no significant movement: Citizen Sleeper Episode One: Flux is available now as a free update, and Sniper Elite 5: Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack (new mission, two weapons: D.L. Carbine rifle, PPSH machine gun) is coming with the Flooded Village multiplayer map; and on the 4th, the seventh season of Sea of Thieves will launch.

It’s also a slightly more relaxed time for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate perks, with Fall Guys providing the Coconut Milk costume, Skate 3’s Upgrade Bundle from the 11th (Skate Create Upgrade Pack, Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Pack, Black Box Distribution Skate Park), and The Elder Scrolls Online’s Noweyr Pack (enchanting purple mount, paired pet, two chests of rewards) popping up from the 16th.

Finally, we should also mention the games that will be leaving Microsoft’s monthly subscription service on August 15: Boyfriend Dungeon (console, PC, cloud), Curse of the Dead Gods (console, PC, cloud), Library of Ruina (console, PC, cloud), Starmancer (PC), which is still in the preview (Game Preview) phase, and Train Sim World 2 (console, PC, cloud).

It is certainly not a significant boost, so you could say that Game Pass has also gone on a sort of summer break. Perhaps the second update in August won’t be as prominent either, but the Redmond-based company will undoubtedly fire up the rockets from September.

Source: Gematsu

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