Henry Cavill Is Upgrading His PC Again – And We Love That He’s Such A Nerd

MOVIE NEWS – Henry Cavill has excitedly shared some of his new PC hardware gear with his enthusiastic fans to beat the current heatwave.



Actor Henry Cavill is best known for his portrayal of Superman in Zack Snyder’s DC movies and for starring as Geralt in Netflix’s The Witcher series. Given that the latter is a character in a video game (also – because, well, the novel series came first, but shush!), it’s no surprise that the actor himself likes to play the game. In fact, Cavill has publicly stated that he initially missed Zack Snyder’s call to play Superman because he was playing World of Warcraft.

Despite his fame as an actor, Cavill still finds time to educate his audience on the intricacies of PC gaming hardware.

The actor took to Instagram to express his desire to replace his AIO cooler and fans due to the recent heatwave. Henry Cavill first showed off his new gear. He indicates that the temperature data shown is in-game data. This is significant because the relative temperature of a PC varies depending on whether it is idling or playing a game. He goes on to say that the new fans are quiet, which is a desirable feature, and that he has more up his sleeve.

This isn’t the first time Cavill has described his passion for gaming, as the actor has taken to Instagram to show off his Warhammer collection and has previously expressed interest in a Warhammer TV series and a Red Dead Redemption adaptation.

It was also reported that his Witcher co-stars on set described him as a “Witcher bible”. Henry Cavill seems like a busy guy between his acting, keeping in shape for such demanding roles and playing the game.

During a press interview about The Witcher, he was asked if he preferred Xbox or PlayStation, to which the actor replied PC. Henry Cavill fabricated an AMD PC from scratch two years ago, complete with hardware. PC gaming seems to be an evident passion for the actor, and it’s certainly something that fans can relate to, as they also want to see specific video games adapted to the big screen, but they also enjoy watching him share his favourite games.

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