EA Could Be Working On A New Iron Man Game?!

Electronic Arts is rumoured to be working on a single-player Iron Man game alongside the recently rumoured Black Panther game.



According to a recent rumour, EA’s witch kitchen is working on an Iron Man game. EA and Disney’s partnership focused on developing single-player, story-driven games seems to be going from strength to strength, thanks to the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The rumour comes from an industry insider and frequent leaker, Tom Henderson.

Henderson was responding to a short video by Jeff Grubb, in which he claims that EA is working on not only Black Panther but another single-player Marvel game. Henderson added that he had heard rumours that this is the second single-player Marvel project EA has done since Iron Man. However, he also puts this “firmly” in the rumour category, as he has not yet received firm confirmation of the rumour’s veracity.

The character is no stranger to the world of licensed video games, although the robot-suited superhero has not enjoyed the breakthrough industry success of Spider-Man and Batman. The most recent Iron Man VR was for the PlayStation VR headset, which was released in 2020. Between 2008 and 2013, there was a trilogy of games directly inspired by the Marvel Universe’s Iron Man movies. By the third game, however, the series was limited to mobile-only.

The big question is – if the rumours of a single-player Iron Man game are true – which studio is developing it?

With most of EA’s subsidiaries, such as BioWare and Respawn, currently deep into their own projects, it’s unclear who might be making the game. The same can be said for Black Panther.

The studios at the centre of the current speculation about EA’s rumoured single-player Marvel projects are two Seattle-based teams assembled in 2021. Black Panther is rumoured to come from a team led by former Monolith Productions VP Kevin Stephens. Iron Man may be made by the other Seattle-based team, led by former Bungie creative director Marcus Lehto.

If the Iron Man rumour is true, then like the Black Panther rumour, it could be years before EA officially confirms the news. These single-player games may still be in the very early stages of development, which means it will be a long time before they are ready.

Source: Twitter

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