Krafton Unveiled Its New Game: It Will Be Very Different From Previous Titles!

Captivating stories and sweeping gameplay come together in this adaptation of the South Korean fantasy novel series, which Krafton has embarked on.



Krafton Inc, best known for being the team responsible for PUBG: Battlegrounds, announced a few days ago that it had started developing a game based on the Korean fantasy novel series The Bird That Drinks Tears. Little is known at this stage, but the creators have stepped on the gas to step up recruitment efforts to realise the ambitious vision.

The Bird That Drinks Tears is one of the Far East’s most successful and respected literary franchises.

Written by Yeong-do Lee, it is appreciated by readers for its ability to weave worlds populated by complex characters. The question now is whether its ingredients are sufficient to form the basis for a video game of similar quality.

One thing is for sure: the dedication is there, at least in terms of creating a visual world. Krafton relied on graphic designer Iain McCaig, known for his Hollywood work (Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Avengers), to define the visual bible for the project.

“The Bird That Drinks Tears is unlike any other fantasy story I’ve read, exploring human nature in a new and refreshing way.”

“That’s what appeals to me most. It is an epic that rivals The Lord of the Rings or The Dune. It’s a new, visceral world that blends traditional archetypes with a wholly original dream and nightmare imagery,” McCaig says of the project.

The project’s website promises beautiful storytelling and devastating gameplay, but for now, we only have concept images, which clearly show that artistically the game is trying to live up to the hype.

Krafton will also be releasing The Callisto Protocol, a space survival horror from Striking Distance Studios, later this year, which is initially set in the same universe as PUBG but ultimately narratively independent of the battle royale.

Source: Krafton

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