Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Wolverine’s Character Is Going To Hit (Scratch?) Hard! [VIDEO]

Despite the recent delay, Marvel’s Midnight Suns continues introducing the characters, with the latest trailer focusing on Wolverine and his powers.



Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the latest tactical game from Firaxis, has been in the news a lot lately, though not for the best of reasons. As recently revealed, the game has been delayed again; this time, the October 7 release date has been pushed back to something more generic, 2023. While the news of the delay will no doubt disappoint fans, it hasn’t stopped Firaxis from releasing more details about the upcoming game, including a massive roster of Marvel characters.

The latest preview video for Midnight Suns features the popular X-Men character Wolverine.

As the latest gameplay trailers have confirmed, each character will fit into a specific role, which in Wolverine’s case, appears to be an attacker/damage dealer. The mutant, who uses his claws for slashing, seems to have several moves that inflict a lot of damage on a single target, including a jumping slashing attack and an execution attack that appears to be charged by the flames that erupt from his claws and over his body.

Although the gameplay is short, Wolverine is typically seen against his rival Victor Creed, aka Swordfang. However, as revealed in previous reveals, Swordfang has been corrupted by the game’s main villain, Lilith, leaving him with horns and a greenish glow. Wolverine’s Midnight Suns attire doesn’t deviate too much from his classic look, including the wide black fins that come off his mask, although much of the colour palette has been changed to black and gold, and he’s also been given some runes to match the other heroes. His claws have also been updated a bit, as they now glow and resemble a small hook at the tip.

Although Firaxis has already detailed a lot of characters in the game, both heroes and villains, it seems to be saving one for the very end.

While players will start with a default roster, additional heroes will be unlocked throughout the game’s campaign. According to creative director Jake Solomon, however, there is one final and super-secret character that Midnight Suns players will only be able to unlock after playing the game. It’s doubtful that Solomon or anyone else from Firaxis will unveil this hero, leaving players with one final mystery to solve after the game’s release, sometime in 2023.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is in development for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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