Where Winds Meet: More Gameplay From The RPG Set In Tenth-Century China! [VIDEO]

Developer Everstone Studio has unveiled Where Winds Meet, an upcoming open-world martial arts action role-playing game set in tenth-century China.



One of the recent announcements at Gamescom was Where Winds Meet, an open-world historical fantasy RPG. Inspired by Chinese history and mythology, the developers unveiled a short trailer for the game at the Gamescom opening event, and a longer extended gameplay trailer was released shortly afterwards.

Developed by up-and-coming Everstone Studio, Where Winds Meet is a fantasy martial arts epic set in the final days of China’s Ten Kingdoms era.

Players take on the role of a wandering swordsman in a land torn apart by war after the death of China’s last Tang emperor. The protagonist encounters various enemies as they traverse the country on an epic quest, battling humans, monsters and beasts. Players must also decide whether they will uphold the swordsman’s code of honour, fight to protect the weak, or wreak havoc and fight only for themselves.

The Gamescom Premier and Extended Gameplay trailers open with scenes of the Emperor’s final moments and then give a glimpse of the swordsman’s adventures in 10th century China. Highlights include climbing a snow-covered mountain, fighting a bamboo fence of giant warriors and setting fire to a warship’s powder magazine.

The Where Winds Meet gameplay trailer features extended versions of these scenes and a good amount of gameplay that wasn’t shown at the Gamescom live event.

Among them is an extended scene set in a large city. The protagonist moves through the crowd, buys information from a beggar, and obtains a package from a dodgy merchant. He then telekinetically swipes a dagger from a local clerk’s desk, which sets off a rooftop chase scene very reminiscent of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. Eventually, after paralysing several opponents with his seemingly supernatural martial arts skills, he escapes in the back of a moving car.

The extended gameplay trailer also shows off several of Where Winds Meet’s open-world abilities. These include fishing, goose hunting, investigating a meteor impact and intimidating a bear. Although not revealed in the trailer, the upcoming open-world RPG will also allow players to participate in careers such as merchant and travelling doctor. Additionally, Where Winds Meet will reportedly allow players to build custom structures from more than 600 components.

Source: VG247


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