PlayStation VR2: Will There Be Enough VR Headsets At Launch?

Sony’s plans may have been partially leaked, and we’re not sure if the number we’ve seen will be high enough.


Bloomberg reported, citing “sources familiar with the matter”, that it plans to produce two million PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headsets by the end of its fiscal year, which is March 2023. Mass production is said to have started in September, and the company has not yet run into supply chain constraints, but production plans could still change depending on demand for the next-generation VR device.

According to Bloomberg, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s plans align the release of PlayStation VR2 (no exact date or pricing yet…) with the resolution of the PlayStation 5 stock shortage, as several bottlenecks in the supply chain have limited the console’s availability since its November 2020 release. It would give Sony a bit of marketing leeway, as it would boost the PlayStation 5’s availability and have the PlayStation VR2 on the shelves with adequate stock. When contacted by Bloomberg, a Sony Interactive Entertainment spokesperson declined to comment.

Let’s think it through. The PlayStation VR2 will launch in early 2023. That’s 3-4 months away, but the latest the more powerful hardware would hit stores be by March because it’s a given that Sony wants to launch the headset in this fiscal year. But how much will they ask for it? That’s a fair question because we had shocking news in August when the company announced a price increase for all but the US. That’s why a PlayStation 5 Standard Edition (rumoured to get a redesigned model with a detachable Blu-ray drive…) has gone from €500 to €550 when it’s usually the talk of the town almost two years after the console’s launch to drop its price.

Although we understand Sony’s logic, everything depends on the price of PlayStation VR2. If they ask 500 euros for it, then it might cost a thousand euros to upgrade to the new PlayStation VR experiences.

Source: Gematsu

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