Meta News: 3 Significant VR Studios In Zuckerberg’s Hands, Xbox Cloud Gaming Coming! [VIDEO]

Alongside the announcement of Meta Quest Pro (read about it in more detail here), the tech company has announced more VR news.


Let’s start with the acquisitions. They plan to strengthen their in-house development capabilities. To that end, they’ve acquired Camouflaj (they made Iron Man VR), Armature Studios (Retro Studios veterans put together the VR conversion of Resident Evil 4), and Twisted Pixel Games (they made Wilson’s Heart and Path of the Warrior). And these aren’t forgettable VR games, so Mark Zuckerberg’s company has picked up some big names among the developers for virtual reality.

It’s also been announced that Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming to the Meta Quest Store (= Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro; and in the meantime, Meta has given Sony an excellent demonstration, as they’ll have backwards compatibility, whereas, on the PlayStation VR2, it’s up to the developers to make it happen…), so if there are games in the Xbox Game Pass catalogue that can be run from the cloud, you can play them on your headset. And that’s a big step forward in the VR market!

There are also some game announcements. The previously PlayStation VR-exclusive Iron Man VR is coming to Meta Quest on November 3 (remember, they dropped the Oculus brand name!), so after Camouflaj, their game is coming to Meta. The Meta Quest 2 release will involve Sony in publishing, so “the blues” tend to shy away from exclusivity. Then there’s Among Us VR, which we’ll see on Meta Quest 2 on November 10, and PlayStation VR and SteamVR. And Skydance Interactive, who were the developers of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, have announced that their new survival game, Behemoth, is coming to Meta Quest and other VR platforms in 2023. Videos of these can be viewed in the same order by scrolling down a bit.

Based on these, it seems that Meta will not neglect VR alongside the metaverse. True, the Meta Quest Pro is incredibly expensive, but luckily for us, all the games mentioned will run on Meta Quest 2…

Source: WCCFTech

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