Nicolas Cage Didn’t Get a Penny for His Oscar-Winning Film

MOVIE NEWS – In 1995, the drama Leaving Las Vegas was a huge box office flop, so neither the director, Mike Figgis, nor the main actor Nicolas Cage received an honorarium for it.


As Figgis reported on the Hollywood Reporter podcast, the production company told them that since the film did not make a profit, they would not be paid. The only funny thing is that Cage won an Oscar for his performance in the lead role, but that did not even move the producers. By the way, the film was nominated for three more golden statues (Figgis won the award for best direction). The director does not regret the incident, because he already received good money for the next production (One Night Adventure), Cage and a year later he already played for 20 million (A Szikla ), so he doesn’t get upset like that afterwards either.

Cage will next be seen as Count Dracula, but the focus will not be on his character, but on that of his servant, Renfield, whom Nicholas Houltplays. Renfield gets tired of having to serve the Prince of Darkness forever, so he rebels. The genre of the film is funny fantasy mixed with horror elements.

(Renfield – domestic presentation: April 13, 2023.)

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