God Of War: Ragnarök: Music Producer Is Outraged By Santa Monica’s Move!

The music producer of God of War: Ragnarök claims that her name was not listed among the creators despite the game’s tremendous success and production value.



The recently released God of War: Ragnarök has received a hugely positive reception. Fans and critics alike say it is one of the best games of 2022. Despite this, it seems that not every team member has been recognised for their work.

This was announced by God of War: Ragnarök music producer Jessica Mao in a post on her Twitter page.

She started positively, noting that, in some ways, she was responsible for the music. This includes Freya’s chase scene along with the bossfight with Thor. Mao notes that Thor’s boss theme was one of her favourites in terms of orchestration. Especially given the bombastic nature of the theme and the fight associated with it. She notes, however, that she was not recognised for this after the credits rolled.

Mao says she was disappointed to hear this news. She added that when she asked why she had not been included, it turned out that her contribution did not meet the “minimum criteria” to be credited. Mao notes that she still does not know these minimum criteria. She also said that in the case of God of War: Ragnarök, you can’t retroactively add her name to the roster with a patch.

Mao ends her topic by saying she is disappointed about this and hates that other aspiring game developers entering the industry are potentially going without recognition for their work.

In her final tweet, she calls on other game development studios to credit everyone who has contributed to the project. Because “it only makes sense”. It has also earned the support of other fans and developers. Sean LaValle, Sony Santa Monica’s chief audio designer, was asked if Mao could still be included in the game’s credits.

The fact that some game developers don’t get credit because they don’t meet specific criteria is a widespread problem in the industry. Many fans are also outraged by Mao’s exclusion. They thought that end credit could be updated with a fix to recognise all developers. Many expressed their sympathy for Mao and called on Sony Santa Monica to do the right thing and credit the team members who helped make the game special.

Source: Twitter

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