RTX 4090 Connectors Melting?! Nvidia Does What It Must

TECH NEWS – As pressure from the PC gaming community mounts and class action lawsuits are filed, Nvidia releases a new update on the RTX 4090 connectors.



GPU manufacturer Nvidia is finally addressing the cable melting issues with the GeForce RTX 4090. In an online post, they acknowledged the validity of the concerns. Nvidia has faced sharp criticism from PC gamers and competitors. There are increasing reports that the newly released 4090 GPU cables are prone to melting.

The online outcry erupted after it was revealed that the 16-pin connectors on the new RTX 4090 GPUs are prone to melting.

So far, Nvidia has remained silent. But melting cables have become a popular topic on social media and Reddit threads. Since the first report of melting power cables on RTX 4090s, several claims have surfaced.

The company is now facing a class action lawsuit over the faulty 16-pin connectors. They have published a support knowledge base post titled “Power Connector Update – GeForce RTX 4090”. The post states that the company investigates about 50 cases worldwide where power connectors have melted.

Nvidia stated that it had sold roughly 125,000 RTX 4090 cards, which means that if there were only 50 cases of melted cables, the failure rate of the cards would be only 0.04%. Customers affected by the problem have been sent new GPUs and cables, all via expedited shipping and processing. According to some gamers and tech insiders, the problem with melting power cables is simply user error and not a fault of Nvidia’s product. Others say the design and quality of the card’s cables are at fault.

The drama surrounding Nvidia’s new RTX card comes just as AMD announced that the new Radeon RX 7900 XTX will be a direct competitor to the RTX 4080.

The RX 7900 has been compared to Nvidia’s flagship 4000 series and comes at a more competitive price. It thus offers gamers hungry for FPS an alternative to the RTX line.

Nvidia has reportedly cancelled the 4090 Ti card due to melting power supplies. This raises further questions about the new 16-pin connector design. Despite this, many PC gamers are using the 4090 GPUs with success. Several YouTube channels have tested the 4090 connectors with a series of bends and awkward installation patterns with mixed results.

For now, Nvidia recommends that the 4090 power cables be installed before inserting the card into the PC so that the user can make sure the power cables are tightly connected. The popular YouTube channel Gamer’s Nexus has suggested that some users may have loosened the cables during cable management, making them more prone to melting.

Source: Nvidia, Gamer’s Nexus

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